Details サイズ:高さ 170 × 幅 35cm
Materials アクリル70% / 毛16% / レーヨン14%

表はブロックチェックとボーダー柄。裏はヘリンボーンの細かい柄と表裏で使用できる柄の構成になっております。 全体的に大柄なので、首に巻くとカラフルな色が映えてきます。 配色に蛍光色を使っているのでベーシックなセーターやコートに合わせるとより印象が明るくなります。 素材に若干の凹凸があるので素材の面白い表情が感じられます。


Details Size : H 170 × W 35cm
Materials 70% ACRYLIC / 16% WOOL / 14% RAYON
Made in JAPAN

A scarf designed in different pattern for front and back.
The front is in block check pattern and the back is in stripe pattern which can be used reversibly.
The patterns are bold so the colours are eye catching when wearing them.
This scarf uses various quality of material which makes the texture bumpy and interesting.

<Handle with care>
Due to the delicate nature of the fabric used on this product, please note that it can easily get caught on accessories like bags, belts, and items with a rough surface.  Because of the nature of the fashion-focused fabric, it may slightly lose its shape after washing. Always wash the garment with the use of laundry bags. Do not tumble-dry. Please be aware of the instructions above before purchase.