Sサイズ: 約W 17cm × 約H 11cm
( 子供:普通 小学校中学年位まで )
Mサイズ: 約W 20cm × 約H 12cm
( 男性:やや小さい / 女性:普通 )
L サイズ: 約W 22cm × 約H 13cm
( 男性:普通 / 女性:やや大きい )

71%  RAYON / 25% NYLON / 4% SILK


<Handle with care>
・ Do not use for infants or those with breathing problems.
・ If you have any symptoms such as itchiness or rash, please stop using immediately.
・ When washing, please wash gently with a neutral detergent by hand. It may cause the shape to collapse and fray.
Since it is a soft and elastic material, please shape it after washing and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
Since it is a stretchy material, it may stretch as you wear it.
・It may shrink after washing.
・ Be careful of friction and catching.
・ Do not use chlorine bleach.
・ Do not use tumble drying.
・ This mask does not prevent infection.