Details サイズ:高さ 19 × 幅 12cm / ショルダー:80〜125cm
Materials PVC
Weight 125g

TR23MM052 / TR23MM051 / TR21MM030 と組み合わせたセット販売になります。取り外しできるので、別売りの各種パーツと組み合わせ可能です。

<ミックスマッチシリーズ について>
用途に合わせた形を組み合わせて作るバッグシリーズ。 お好きな素材や色を組み合わせて自由自在にカスタムしていただけます。




Details Size : H 19 × W 12cm / Shoulder strap : 80〜125cm
Materials PVC
Weight 125g
Made in JAPAN

Sold as a set in combination with TR23MM052 / TR23MM051 / TR21MM030. The parts are removable and can be combined with various parts sold separately.

<About the Mix Match Series>
A collection that can be mixed and combine various materials and colors. You can customize it how ever you like.

<Precautions before purchase>
The material of this product has a large repeat pattern, and due to the cutting process, each pattern will differ from one another. Therefore, the actual product may look different from the photo.Please consider with understanding before purchasing.

<Handle with care>
• There may be colour migration when the product is used in close contact with other leather products or plastic materials for a long period of time.
• Please avoid high temperatures and high humidity and store in a well-ventilated place.
• Please avoid the product to hot air from heaters or hairdryers.
• The product may become frayed or wrinkled when used. Please note that the product may be damaged if excessive force is applied.
• If soiled, please wipe with a wet towel.