Details サイズ:高さ 19 × 幅 12cm
Materials  PVC
Weight  45g


< ミックスマッチシリーズ について >


Details Size : H 19 × W 12cm
Materials  PVC
Weight 105g
Made in  JAPAN

A PVC smartphone bag for the mix and match series; which allows you to combine with a wallet or a glasses case. It can also be combined with other parts.

<About the Mix Match Series>
A collection that can be mixed and combine various materials and colors.
You can customize it how ever you like.

The size is unisex that can easily adjust the length. You can choose from three colours of cord straps made in original patterns. You can choose from two materials: leather and PVC.
There are three shapes to choose from: smartphone bag, wallet, and glasses case.

<Handle with care>
• There may be colour migration when the product is used in close contact with other leather products or plastic materials for a long period of time.
• Please avoid high temperatures and high humidity and store in a well-ventilated place.
• Please avoid the product to hot air from heaters or hairdryers.
• The product may become frayed or wrinkled when used. Please note that the product may be damaged if excessive force is applied.
• If soiled, please wipe with a wet towel.