Details サイズ:高さ 35 × 幅 32cm / ハンドル:23cm 
Materials ナイロン 49% / ポリエステル 27% / アセテート 24%
Weight 75g

軽くて透け感のあるニットバック。 ものを入れたら伸びるので容量も入れられ、 シワになにくくコンパクトになるのでセカンドバッグにもおすすめです。


Details Size : H 35 × W 32cm / Handle:23cm 
Materials 49% NYLON / 27% POLYESTER / 24% ACETATE
Weight 75g
Made in JAPAN

A light and transparent knitted bag.
It stretches when you put things in it, so you can put more capacity in it.
This bag is compact and less likely to wrinkle.

<Handle with care>
Due to the delicate nature of the fabric used on this product, please note that it can easily get caught on accessories like bags, belts, and items with a rough surface. Because of the nature of the fashion-focused fabric, it may slightly lose its shape after washing. Always wash the garment with the use of laundry bags. Do not tumble-dry. Please be aware of the instructions above before purchase.