Details サイズ:高さ 53 × 幅 18cm / フリンジ : 5cm
Materials 毛 50% / 綿 50%

綿とウール素材を半分ずつ使い、柄を構成してから縮絨加工がされています。 縮絨した厚みのある素材感と、綿の軽やかな生地感が混ざり合い、 ふわっとした温かみのある生地となっています。 今回のテーマとなるGRID柄。 柄と柄が重なり合い、また違う表情を作った柄になております。 今回は定番素材の柄に上下に配色を効かせているので、 またひと味違う首元をぜひ巻いて楽しんでみてください。


Details Size : H 53 × W 18cm / Fringe : 5cm
Materials 50% WOOL / 50% COTTON
Made in JAPAN

A scarf that uses cotton and wool.
The fluffy and thick texture and the cotton are mixed to create a soft and warm fabric.
GRID is the theme for this collection. The two patterns overlaps and create a unique look. The colour at the end of the scarf is different to the main part which makes the scarf fashionable.

<Handle with care>Due to the delicate nature of the fabric used on this product, please note that it can easily get caught on accessories like bags, belts, and items with a rough surface. Because of the nature of the fashion-focused fabric, it may slightly lose its shape after washing. Always wash the garment with the use of laundry bags. Do not tumble-dry. Please be aware of the instructions above before purchase.