Details サイズ:高さ 23 × 幅 23 × 奥行き 10cm / ハンドル:11cm / ショルダー:144cm
Materials ポリエステル 100%( リサイクルポリエステル使用 )
Weight 175g



Details Size : H 23 × W 23 × D 10cm / Handle : 11cm Shoulder strap : 144cm
Materials 100% POLYESTER(Use recycle polyester)
Weight 175g
Made in JAPAN

A bag collection designed in a paper bag silhouette made of recycled polyester yarn. Firm and lightweight. The thin cord is easy to grip and hold as there are padding cushion. It also has a cord for shoulder use. It can be tied on and off and the length can be adjusted. Also available in large sizes with different colours on the front and back.

Handle with care
This product uses recycle polyester yarn.
In order to bring out a rigid texture on this knitted fabric, a special kind of invisible thread is knitted within. The thread may appear uneven on darker fabric, please understand that this is not a flaw during knitting. Do not wash or dry clean. Please use a wet towel to wipe clean instead if stained. Avoid bleaching with chlorine bleach. Please be aware of the instructions above before purchase.