Details サイズ:高さ 28 × 幅 28 × 奥行き 18cm / ハンドル:26cm
Materials ポリエステル 100%
Weight 265g

定番のAIR KNITシリーズバッグで、機能性のあるポリエステル糸を使用したボリューム感があり、軽くて丈夫な素材感のバッグです。内側にはポケットがありA4サイズが入る大きさです。


Details Size : H 28 × W 28 × D 18cm / Handle : 26cm
Materials 100% POLYESTER
Weight 265g
Made in JAPAN

A bag designed in simple pattern with hint of bright colour.
The cord is originally made and the fabrics on the side is made in mesh material so the weight of this bag is very light.
A popular shaped bag; big and wide that can contain a lot of stuff.

<Attention>In order to bring out a rigid texture on this knitted fabric, a special kind of invisible thread is knitted within. The thread may appear uneven on darker fabric, please understand that this is not a flaw during knitting. Do not wash or dry clean, use a wet towel to wipe clean instead if stained. Bleach only with non-chlorine bleach when needed. Please be aware of the instructions above before purchase.